Jun 17, 2012

Week 10, Nausea Galore

I'm linking up today for My Pregnancy Journal at My Joy-filled Life.  If you are a pregnant blogger, please visit and join us!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
before you were born I set you apart...
Jeremiah 1:5 

My Joy-Filled Life

How far along are you?  
I am 10 weeks straight up today.  It sure feels like time is creeping along.  Even this early, I'm really ready to get to the "good part"!

Best Moment this week?
I was very tired, had a migraine and was laying in bed trying to recover myself.  My husband came in and I misunderstood something he said as he walked to the bathroom.  I was getting myself up to fuming and when he came back out, he graciously told me to stay in bed as long as I needed, he would keep the kids out of the room.  Stunned!  Blessed! 

Prayer requests?
I find myself so often lately thinking the worst of people, especially my hubby.  It's so easy to just make an assumption of motive or cause and jump to the wrong conclusion, as evidenced by the above statement.  Pray for my slowness to conclusions.

Also on my mind is money, insurance, and the deductible that starts over at the beginning of the year.  Since baby is due just 2 weeks into January 2013, I'm afraid we are going to get stuck with the ENTIRE bill out of pocket.  Please pray for my peace.

One last thing.  On my next visit I have to take all my meds to show the midwives.  I'm hesitant about that since everything in my body is so balanced right now, working so well, and I don't want them to tell me that one of my meds is a deal breaker and they won't do my delivery.  I need to have full honesty with them for the health and safety of my baby and myself.  No matter what.

Baby's growth?
My baby is the size of a kumquat (a what?) or a prune (more understandable).  That is, about an inch long with a wide, high forehead where the brain is taking over.  Baby has fused eyelids, hair starting to grow on the body, and four chambers to the heart.

Oh. My. GOSH. Of all my pregnancies, I don't recall being this nauseated with any but the first.  Good heavens, I can't wait for food to sound good again and eating to be less of a chore.

Medical Stuff?
I'm seeing midwives, so I probably won't have another ultrasound unless I choose one at 20 weeks.  I told the midwife that I would wait and see where we are then.  

I'm also watching my blood sugars since I had gestational diabetes with my fifth child.  I successfully used a kinesiologist and herbs during my last pregnancy to avoid both high blood pressure and high blood sugar.  I'm on the same program this time.  My only concern is the morning levels are just a snitch high, hovering around 100 when they should be under 100.
Weight gain (or loss)?
Gained 1 lb since the beginning of this pregnancy.  Since I was overweight to begin with, this is okay.  Also, I was on a great diet/exercise kick when I got pregnant and lost 21.5 lbs.  Now, I'm gaining a bit but reminding myself that it's not just fat.  I also find that when I walk consistently, I not only feel better, but the water weight stays off.

What Made Me Cry This Week?
Why hello constant mood swings.  I cried yesterday because I sent a text message to a friend (okay, several) and she had to tell me that she pays per text so quit it.  I felt so smacked down and low.  I cried today because hubby didn't appreciate how I jury-rigged a device to pump bike tires when I couldn't find the right attachment for the air compressor.

What's that?  On a good night I get four or so hours uninterrupted.  I also try to nap or at least sit and rest during the afternoon.

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing is fitting my waist.  I have had to get creative with summer dresses and have started looking for some maternity items from Old Navy.  I'm plus size (said that before) and have to look pretty hard for the things that I like, are modest, and fit as I wish.

Discussion Question:  What is the must-have item(s) that you pack in your hospital bag?  Or, if you are having a home birth, what is the must-have item(s) that must be readily available?
I'm having a home birth (yay!!) and MUST HAVE a pool to labor in.  I didn't get to birth in it last time, but maybe this time.  Chicky Punk damaged my sciatic nerve and I couldn't walk, easy move my leg, or feel my toes for several months after her birth.  She was born on the couch in the family room.  Sadly, the kids threw the cat in the pool (why?!) and she popped the wonderful labor pool I had.  It was even decorated with friendly ocean creatures.  I will have to get another, I guess.


Anna said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Brooke said...

Aww! I hope you are feeling better soon. I had a very similar birthing pool with my 2nd baby, but I was too busy in labor to notice the fishies on the sides. ;)

Kelli said...

Will keep you in prayer!

Also, I thought that the story about the cat said the kids through it in while you were in labor and waiting to use it and it POOPED. I reread it and realized I was totally reading it incorrectly. I do that sometimes. But still, it was funny. I'm glad the cat didn't poop in your labor tub.

whitlow6 said...

Those first few weeks of sickness are horrible! Hope you are feeling better soon.
I'm having alot of issues with my blood sugar this time. Can you tell me exactly what you did that helped before? I'm trying to eat good but it's still really challenging so any advice would be great!
It's been nice reading everyone's updates through the link-up.


Sarah Avila said...

Sara - I love your update!

I will keep you in my prayers. I have a similar situation with the deductible. I'm due Christmas Eve and I always go past my due date by at least a week, so I'm feeling the pressure to have this baby before the end of the year so we don't get hit with a big bill!

I also had a similar nerve thing after I delivered my twins; couldn't feel my right leg below my knee for about 6 weeks! No fun! Hoping that doesn't happen to either of us this time around!

Thanks for linking up again! Enjoying your updates!


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