Feb 25, 2012

All Your Fault

As I stepped on the scale for my morning weigh in, I found myself perturbed at the results. My immediate response was "stupid scale!" rather than the more appropriate "stupid bad choice".

I thought about it for a time and realized my mistake &willingness to blame something other than myself. Isn't that just like a human? We don't want it to be our own fault. Even when it clearly is our own.

My sweet first born son is having his First Reconciliation this morning, so I find my blame of the scale extremely ironic. As my son takes his first steps into adulthood, I hope to teach him that self acceptance of fault, rather than the blame game.

As to weight loss, it is going... ok. I am fighting two stubborn pounds. Lose, regain, lose, regain. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm limiting my calorie intake to only 1500 calories a day and end almost every day under the limit. Why only 1500? That's the lowest amount a nursing mom should intake in order to continue to make quality milk for her nursling. And BabyJoy, at 12 months, is still nursing, although not exclusively. But it just struck me that the nursing may be the reason behind the stubborn pounds.

I am glad to report that I'm down almost 20 pounds now! I just need to keep grinding away at it. I'm eating high protein and low carbohydrate. Hunger is satisfied by apples or cheese between meals.

I'm hanging in there. Hope you are, too.

1 comment:

Kala said...

hahaha, couldn't help but cheer up a little at your comic and post. You can do it! I appreciate your customer loyalty and vote for our website! I've just found your blog, but will frequent it :)

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