Oct 14, 2010

Quotable Quotes of a kind.

Mother’s job is to dilate; Baby’s job is to rotate.: Spinning Babies - Easier childbirth through fetal positioning.
Skunk smells his own hole first: Gramma Jo

Yes, that has nothing to do with what I started this post about, but sitting here with the kids and hearing them talk about gas, this is what popped out of Gramma's mouth.  Gotta love her.

After that, she told us a joke about 3 moles who were hungry for breakfast.  The first little mole woke up, stuck his head out of the burrow and sniffed for food.  "Yum! I smell turnips" and off he went.  The second little mole woke up and sniffed for breakfast.  "Yum! I scent carrots!" and off he went.  The third little mole sniffed around and said to himself, "I don't know what those guys are talking about, all I smell is molasses."

To which I countered, Did you know chickens are related to dinosaurs?  When our chickens lay double yolk eggs they are three times the size of a normal egg.  They are the chickensore*ss.

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