Jul 11, 2010


Most people would just tell you they'd be happy for a healthy baby when they get to number 7, but I'm really hoping for one last girl.  A sweet baby girl to dress up in pink and bows, cute shoes, hair bobs, and girly things.  I love my boys but they are such a different breed that my girls.

So I had a friend tell me about the Baby Gender Prediction Test from IntelliGender and I am DYING to try it.  Problem is I'm cheap and with as many kids as I have, the $35 price tag could buy more than just a test, ya know?

But I'm not choosy, I'd be GLAD to pimp myself and unborn child out to the IntelliGender people for a free test and a full on blog showcase about their assuredly awesome product.  You know where to reach me, right?  (wink, wink)

For the record, we're now eleven weeks into this pregnancy and all seems to be well.  The morning sickness is still hanging around, but it's good since it assures me that things are still ok.  Tiredness abounds, what with the family size we have and our personal home business, but I'm surviving.  Nap time is sacred.  Don't call then or I just WON'T. ANSWER.  And look how beautiful these 11 week size feet are: Perfection.


And Miles To Go... said...

I give you a lot of credit! How do you do it? After six, I'm done :) I am praying for a girl for you!

DeclutterLady said...

Good luck with the morning sickness - I know that can be hard!

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