Jun 10, 2010

Cluttered English?

I found this article on Unclutterer and it sure is burning my butt. See what you think:

...demonstrators gathered in front of the hotel were adamant supporters of phonetic spelling, what they call Simplified Spelling. From a Washington Post article covering the protests:
The protesters believe English is mired by too many spellings for identical sounds and too many sounds for identical spellings. If they got their way, “you” would become “yoo,” “believe” would become “beleev” and “said” would become “sed.”
The cost of clinging to traditional spellings, they say, is millions of illiterate English speakers who struggle to read signs or get good jobs, and billions of dollars in lost productivity.
The campaign for simple spelling, which activists say started more than 100 years ago, is experiencing a revival with kids who have taken wholeheartedly to phonetic spelling in electronic messages.

And this was at the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

Seems to me that Simplified Spelling is sure smackin' of Ebonics...

Honestly, it makes me mad to think that just because something is "hard" (say it with a whine) it should be changed.

Having a baby is hard - let's drug up the mom and pass those affects onto the baby but it won't be so hard!

Breastfeeding is hard - let's formula feed and fill our children with synthetic food that has a link to adult obesity.  But it's not hard anymore!

Raising children is hard - let's hire a nanny, a babysitter, dump them on gramma because she's so experienced and has done such a good job with me!  Yay! No more hard for me...

Simplifying some things is a big black FAIL.

1 comment:

Mommy D said...

I couldn't agree more. Kids aren't passing their tests, lets make the tests easier instead of actually teaching our kids properly.

It's all about responsibility. People now aren't taking responsibility for anything. Everything is to be blamed on someone or something else.

Off my soap box...for now LOL

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