May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Grilling!

Yes!  We are having a BBQ party this Sunday afternoon to celebrate Memorial day.  It should be fun, since friends and food are a winning combo almost always.  But my grill!!  Besides only half of the gas blowers funnels outlets working (just the left side, thanks) it could use a good scrub.

I usually give the wires a good scrubbing before I lay the meat on but it's probably time for a good, deep clean.  When I ran across an article on I Dream of Clean, I was jazzed!  Easy, swift, and done with things around the house - no special trips for special supplies.  That's right up my alley.

Here is what it said:

  • Start with a cold grill so you don’t get burned. Cover the grill racks completely with two layers of aluminum foil.
  • Turn on the grill and keep it on for about 15 minutes. There may be tons of smoke but they say not to worry in the article! It’s the cleaning magic!
  • Let the grill cool.
  • Once cool, open the lid, remove the foil and bunch it into a ball. Use the ball of aluminum foil to scrub the grill grates.
  • Rinse the grill grates with cool water.
  • Enjoy your clean grill and get ready to cook out!
Easy Peasy, as my kids would say. 

So my sad little grill, that could really use a replacement, will be clean and shiny while only firing on half it's side (pun intended).  Good thing Uncle Steve will be bringing his grill along!

photo courtesy Morgue File

1 comment:

Lesa Antone said...

Nice tip!! My husband always tries to convince me that all that junk left behind is "flavor"....yeah.....that's it!

I think I'll give your trick a try!


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