May 29, 2010

Buy Stock in Kleenex Now...

Oh my, this one is a tear jerker! Imagine your beautiful baby being born deaf.  Not hearing you from inside the womb, not knowing your voice instinctively, not turning a blinding smile on you from sheer joy in your sounds.  The thought is hard for me, as a mom of 5 "normal" children.  I wouldn't have missed that from them for anything.

But just imagine that your child was born this way in this day and age.  We have the technology to "fix" that!  Cochlear implants are amazing things.  (Remember on ER when Peter's baby, Reese, didn't get the implants?) I found this video so amazing and sweet, beautiful and heart rending that I just had to share it.

After you watch, kiss your babies and thank the Father of all for his blessings.

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