Dec 8, 2009


It's hard for me to believe that it's Advent again already! Where did the time go? We have had such a busy, productive year. Baby Boy is walking, the bigger kids are homeschooling, I have no free time, Grampa on the farm came to visit, and of course, we have our most awesome new house.

I got distracted this year from my blog by that evil queen, Facebook. I haven't been on that site to do anything in a few weeks, and I hope that I am able to regain some of my time to work on my blog. I so enjoy it!

Meanwhile, it's advent again and we are once again preparing for the birth of the Savior. Jesus IS the reason for the season and it's so easy to forget that key fact. So while you prepare for the holiday, keep in mind that it's not all secular and save some time for Jesus.

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