Feb 26, 2009

23 Minutes in Hell

No, that's not a comment on the fact that Hubbers is on a business conference trip to St Louis for the next little while and I'm home with all the kids. It's the title of an amazing book I've been reading today.

I've always wondered about hell. What it is like, what happens there, and even (though I already know the answer to this one) how do I *know* I won't be there? How could I ever be good enough for God and heaven?

This book is a great, addicting read and answers these questions. I'd highly recommend it, even though it's not written from my Catholic point of view. Then again, I'm a convert.

I'm scared to die. I'm so awfully frightened of what is inevitable for all of us. I think it's because I don't know what's coming next - what comes after. No one has actually come back and told us, now have they?

Am I alone in this? Are the rest of you so beatific that you don't worry about such things? My small mind can't even being to comprehend NOT having a life as I know it.

Such big thoughts for a Thursday night. Pray for me and all who still have doubts, worries, questions. And for those who have already passed on. And check out this awesome book.

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