Jan 29, 2009

Dear Blog

My dearest, beautiful blog. I love you. I love pouring out my thoughts and feelings here. I so much enjoy our time together. Some of my favorite moments are posted upon your goodness.

Lately, though, I've met a new face and have neglected you. I find myself on Facebook at all times of the day. You see, I can access Facebook with my cell phone!

I know; it's not fair. But I haven't forgotten you. I write long, funny bloggy posts in my mind as I lay in bed at night, nursing the babe to sleep. I think of things while I'm driving that would add such grace to your pages!

To make it worse, my house looks like this:

Pretty bad, huh? It must be tackled and SOON.

To make up for the neglect, I've given you a little facelift courtesy of The Cutest Blog on the Block. They make the cutest free blog backgrounds with no nasty HTML to learn or personally edit.

I've also started back to Curves for some exercise. After all, it's been 6 months since BB was born and he's finally at a spot to survive without crying for the hour that it takes to go, exercise, cool down, and return.

To top it all off, I'm still teaching Home Ec to middle schoolers every weekday for an hour AND taking personal sewing jobs. In fact, I've got one that I'm putting off starting right now. It's a slip cover for a hard to fit couch.

So, my sweet little blog, I will be back in full force as soon as I can. Hubbers is leaving for a business trip in Feb for a few days and I'm sure I'll need some adult interaction then. Meanwhile, hold fast! The end is in sight.


T with Honey said...

After only a few months I'm shying away from Facebook. Sure, I love some of the games like Scramble and it was wonderful connecting with my good friends in a new way.

But then I started getting requests from people who are more like acquaintances from long ago. I let the first few in because hitting that "Ignore" button seemed so impolite. Then some people I was very happy to have lost track of started showing up some of those first friend/acquaintance's friend lists. If my 'friend' even comments on a picture of my daughter then this other person gets a peek into my life. And that is something I very much don't want.

What keeps drawing you back to your Facebook account?

The Estrogen Files said...

I like the games, connecting with the old friends from high school, keeping in touch.

I agree that it's a privacy thing and I don't use the real names of my babies on there, nor do I post anything that tells my location.

I guess that I feel "safe" in just allowing my friends to be in touch with me there. I haven't actually come to a place to have to use the ignore button yet. Sadly, I think some of the people I thought of as very good friends have ignored me. I think it's their loss and don't take it personally.

T, you a soft hearted woman! If you're not comfortable there, then that is the end of story. And there is a difference between friend and acquaintance.

Anonymous said...

Facebook has totally taken away from my blogging time?

AZMom said...

I love both and do both MOST weeks. I just don't post once a day like I used to :-)

I am so glad you are on FB too. However, I can agree with T. There are some people I have not friended and have hit ignore. Just don't want to go around that block again.

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