Nov 20, 2008

Hip, Hip... HURRAY!!

Gas prices have finally dropped in our area. We're down to $1.91 at the cheapest place in town. So when I filled up my gas loving van today, I only spent $29.80! MUCH better than that $60 mark a few weeks ago.

For some reason it has taken longer for the gas prices to drop here than elsewhere. Being right on the pipeline hasn't helped the prices. Gouge, gouge, gouge gas people!

I'm teaching home ec right now, five days a week at the charter school my kids attend. It's only an hour a day and it's the 2 6th and 7th grade classes as well as the only 8th grade class. Today will be the first day we actually COOK, and as the classes are being held in the classrooms instead of the kitchen (it being lunch time when we teach), it should be fun. On today's menu: No Bake Cookies. I've heard some very interesting alternate names for this: Chocolate Haystacks, Moose Droppings, Bear Poop - very appetizing, huh?

BB and The Boy are getting along well together. BB loves to laugh at his big brother. BB is finally coming into a schedule at 4 months (knock on wood!) and is a very happy baby. My girls are doing well in school and when the report cards came home last week, I was very pleased.

Okay, I've got housework waiting that has been put off for far too long. Enjoy your day!


Twisted Cinderella said...

How did the cooking go?

I am glad the gas finally went down!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Can you believe 4 months have already passed by? I, too, am finally finding a rhythm ... or so I thought. My little one must be having a growth spurt because he has been so fussy the last few days!

Hope the cooking classes went well!

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