Nov 25, 2008

Credit Card Scams

I got this from a friend and thought it important enough to share. Since she has expressed it so elegantly, I won't rewrite, but just quote. Thanks Hip 2 Be Baby!

I have been getting quite a few emails like this in the last couple of weeks, and I thought I might warn you all. THEY ARE NOT REALLY FROM THESE COMPANIES! DO NOT CLICK ON ANY OF THEIR LINKS! And most of all: NEVER ENTER YOUR INFO AFTER FOLLOWING ANY LINK! Manually go to the website from your browser and login to see if it is legit instead. If it is not, forward it to your bank or credit card company. Also, you can always forward it to the bank or credit card company before following any link to see if it is really from them. They are really good about getting back with you about this. In other words, if it looks suspicious, it probably is.
You can see the email below is crap because:
1. the email is from (not or or, etc.)
2. if you move your mouse over the link, it shows that the link will take you to another website, not Capital One's (Did I mention DO NOT CLICK ON IT!)
3. the recipients are "unlisted" - meaning it was sent to a bajillion people
4. there is no name, account number or "card ending in" listed anywhere in the email. So guess what they are trying to get from you????
Okay, I hope this helps everyone.

And don't forget Black Friday is COMING!! Day after Thanksgiving, don't brave the mall or horribly crowded stores for great deals. Shop from the comfort of your home using your keyboard.

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