Oct 12, 2008

Oh No You DIDN'T Just Say That to ME?!

My van refused to start this past Wednesday afternoon so I had it towed over to the gouge me, I mean fix it shop. It left in good condition, towed from the front bumper no problems. I picked the car up Friday morning and it has received numerous dents in the lift back and gouges in the bumper!

I called the shop and asked, the correct way if you notice, if they knew what may have happened. Oh no, they don't know what happened! Actual quote: "When people get their cars back from the shop they notice all sorts of things that were already there." (snort of derision)

'Scuse me? Are you saying I'm so dumb that I didn't notice the dents and gouges, nor did my husband, before it was brought in to you to fix the starter?

Anyway, it's dented up now and not too pretty. No paint missing, but dented noticeably, none the less. My only theory is that someone hit it while it was sitting in the shop parking lot overnight. I just don't know what else it could be!

The irony is that I love the back of my van - it's got a Choose Life magnet on it, as well as some fishies that Hubbers made to signify our family - 2 big ones and 4 small ones. A ghost image of one, for Michael, and I'm still waiting for him to make the one for DJ. The point of me telling you that is to say I absolutely KNOW that there was no damage there when it left my house.

Oh well. It's just a vehicle to transport me. It's not made to stay perfect I guess.

My favorite quote today:

Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning,
Satan shudders and says... "Oh sh*t.... she's awake!!!"

1 comment:

AZMom said...

I would be steaming mad. I can't believe them. I hope you got the starter fixed at least and that you don't take it to that shop again. Big hugs.

PS..send pics!

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