Jul 24, 2008

Too Quiet

How was I ever the mom of just one kid? It's so very quiet around here with only BB and me all day. The house is so quiet. I'm relishing the extra time with him, but I'm missing the big kids so much. They will be home on Sunday and I know that means more stress and less sleep, but I am ready to have them back.

One kid = too quiet. No wonder I had the TV on all the time then!


AZMom said...

Enjoy it ;-)

I rejoined and then left ABAL all in the same week. Got a nasty email from one of them on the group so I unsub'd. Sad, that some people are still holding a grudge from something that happened 2 years ago and had nothing to do with anyone else but C and I.

Oh well...at least I can visit you here.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! I came over from your name on Catholic Mothers Online and just wanted to say hi. You are not kidding, it's quiet with the big kids gone!! My older four are gone for 10 days and it's just my 16 mo. old while my husband works. Boy, I am finding out that having them gone means MORE work for me, cleaning up after my little tornado and entertaining him, which the older kids do so well!! I'm glad yours will be home soon!! =)

An Ordinary Mom said...

Today I was actually wishing for a few days of just me and the new little one :) !! All well, at least we are adjusting ... slowly, but surely.

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