Jul 6, 2008

Sunday Night Live

Hubbers is in a mood.

The kids are on a tear.

I'm still pregnant. And hot. And very very cranky.

But the lawn got mowed. That's a plus. And the checkbook got balanced. And the laundry is, well, thinking about being done.

Yesterday I woke up thinking "Today is THE DAY!" After more contemplation, I was unsure what it was THE DAY for - having the baby or maybe just doing laundry. Turns out it was for doing laundry. I got most of it done yesterday.

Still no contractions, no sign of labor. Although I have spent much of the past 3 days running to the bathroom every 10 or so minutes. Had some cramping this afternoon, but now it's down to sore aching hips at the back.

I still need to menu plan, but that will be made easier by a day or two in the hospital and Hubbers on food patrol. This means that the kids will probably live on peanut butter and honey sandwiches, cereal and milk, but hey! If no one's complaining, neither will I. That's probably yummier than the hospital food I'll consume.

Also, the kids will leave on Friday for at least 1 week with their Grandparents in SLC for Vacation Bible School. It's a summer ritual. The kids so look forward to going. I think they are as excited by the week away from mommy as mommy is! Compound that with the fact that this baby is coming, hell or high water, on Wednesday, and it's going to be a quiet few days with them gone.

I spoke with my priest today, telling him about the coming induction and reminding him that as I have six million children I really don't need to take the baptism classes. See, to me it makes no sense. I have 4 kids already and I'm a godmother several times over so what could have changed so DRASTICALLY in the past 11 years that I might misunderstand? Regardless, Fr Joe told me that when I called in to make the appointment for baptism I was allowed to say that HE told me I was class exempt this time. Whew. Saves 2 months of classes and much rigorous boiling upset on my part at the ridiculousness of the church powers that be.

So, there it is. My weekend and future plans. So exciting you wish you were me, huh?


Anonymous said...

Why, Sweetie, I do wish I was you! A new baby on the way, even with the complications and worries is something I'd love.

And it sounds awesome that you'll be getting some time with fewer kiddos around the house after you and baby boy come home from the hospital.

Barb, sfo said...

Wow, they let you get away without the class? Wish my pastor had done so for me when Little Brother was born!

Hope all goes well and that Baby comes along on his own today or tomorrow!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Hopefully we will have these kiddos soon!

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