Jun 21, 2008

Where Am I? Podunk?

I have the kids do some summer workbooks to keep school skills sharp during the break. Summer Bridge was recommended to me by a teacher about 5 years ago and it keeps the kids busy for just the right amount of time - a page, back and front, a day with rewards built in after 15 or so days of work, 3 times. The kids get very excited about the rewards as I let them choose what they want. We'll be going to a fun park (indoors) to celebrate our first finished section this year.

Anyway, the Oldest Girl was working her Summer Bridge page and needed to find some latitude and longitude info - finding out where the numbers lead her as well as the numbers for a corner of our state. Since we don't own an atlas, we got online and look what we found!

It's the power of place (said in the Forest Gump drawl). You can find info on more than 46,000 communities here, including such information you'd never realize you needed!! Pretty awesome place and they even list my little "Podunk" town... Give it a try!

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