Jun 23, 2008

Morning Life at My House

(click to enlarge)
Only instead of just once, with a very young child, it's SEVERAL times with ALL my children. Ah, kids - can't drop them off on the corner or teach them to knock politely...


AZMom said...

LOL I saw this in the paper tonight and laughed and laughed! It is very true around here too! My kids are learning that mom and dad CAN and WILl lock our bedroom door! LOL

Twisted Cinderella said...

We have this issue at our house too. We are still working on it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my house. Or worse the time when my two-year-old very quietly slipped into our room and scared me half to death. I screamed, she screamed and just about gave my poor husband a heart attack

Cmommy said...

Our children stand outside the door and plead their case--someone always seems to start a debate when we seek privacy! Recently, the dog thumped his tail against the door and whined. Romantic, huh?!

Congratulations on the upcoming birth!

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