Apr 1, 2008

Click to Give - Breast Cancer Awareness

My cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew around November that she was ill and didn't tell me until almost February. B and her husband wanted to take care to keep it to themselves, I understand. She chose the non-surgery option and is very closed mouth about it. She lives in the town just south of me, about 20 minutes away, but I don't see her much anymore.

The kicker is that B is just 35 or so. Just a few years older than me. B and T have 5 kids from age 11 to about 2. How they are managing I just don't know. What can I do to help?

How about this: Click to give at The Breast Cancer Site. Every day you can help fund free mammograms for women. The sponsors of the site pay the money, you Just. Click. Daily. 100% of the funds go to charity.

If you want to give more, shop at the Breast Cancer Site store - lots of goodies in there.

The Breast Cancer Site

Click for my gramma, a survivor. Click for B, a mom of 5 and not yet 40. Click for your sister, mother, aunt, cousin, gramma.

Just. Click. Daily.

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