Mar 31, 2008

Monday Morning Back to the Grind...

The first day back to school after a whole week of Easter break and it's a REAL Monday... I'm TIRED (whine, whine)

Yesterday looked like this:

Today? Looks like this:

Aren't I glad I live in Idaho?

Menu Plan Monday includes a lot of leftover meals from last week. We ate a lot of leftover French dip fixin's last week. Hubbers loved this! This week looks like this:

Bean Dip
BBQ Chicken Twisters (Pampered Chef recipe)
Cashew Chicken and Crab Rangoon
Pancakes (TheBoy has been jonesing for these lately!)
Homemade Pizza

Organizing Junkie hosts MPM each week and has HUNDREDS of delicious menus from participants. I participate when time and pregnancy allows...

images courtesy of morguefile 1, 2


Iris said...

I am back!! Nice to see you still posting your menus. I took inspiration and am making Crab Rangoon this week too. Along with my homemade wonton delicious.

Christine said...

What an incredible change in weather! I am going to have to take a peak at your menus. For some reason, when I am pregnant, my husband refers to me as the mom who occasionally makes meals. Cooking and all-day morning sickness do not make good companions.

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