Feb 4, 2008

Losing It Whine

Today has not been a winner day.

The Boy has been sick all weekend - fever, coughing, the works.

Hubbers couldn't sleep last night and decided to share the pain.

RooBoo is her normal whiny self so much that I just want to stop the whines by sending her to bed. For the rest of her life!

Hubbers wants me to learn to buy and sell real estate.

Oldest Girl peeled and discarded orange peels on the newly clean carpet.

Hubers doesn't seem to know what a snow shovel is for, so I get to do that, too.

Curly Girl nags me about using the computer until my ears are like to fall off. And talks on the phone to a friend that I don't much care for.

I got about 2 hours of sleep last night before I had to get up and send Hubbers off to work at 5am. I tried napping on the couch, but only so many snatches of sleep you can get while keeping an eye on a 3 year old. I'm really thankful for the TV on days like this. God bless PBS!

I walked in the kitchen, trying to get a pan moved out of the oven so I can bake the cinnamon rolls Hubbers is "required" to bring to work tomorrow. It's a cast iron pan, so I have to keep it oiled up a bit. I inadvertently set a Tupperware inside the pan on the oil. While I was berating myself for this foolish mistake, I whacked my shin on the open dishwasher door so hard that it still throbs now, 1+ hour after. Galley style kitchens...

All this and I just lost it.

Trying to wedge a comfy chair out of Hubbers' office door, stuck, listening to Roo whine whine whine about homework over a word she can easily sound out if she doesn't know it.

My throat hurts from yelling at her. Poor little girl. We've talked about it since and things are a little better.

It's not the first time today that I have doubted my motherhood qualifications.


Awesome Mom said...

Hugs to you!!! Eat some chocolate, that should help you feel better.

Barb, sfo said...

We all have days like that. Truly we do. Good thing God doesn't take away our "license to parent" when that happens. I hope today goes better.

Anonymous said...

Sara, The best of us mothers have days like these! Don't berate yourself about it too much. I know you well enough to know you explained that you got very upset and that while it isn't good to get that upset, it happens sometimes, and that you still love her. I had those sore throat days from having my own melt downs when mine were young. I hope things are better today! Tina Baily (too lazy to sign up officially, sorry!)

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