Feb 27, 2008

God Bless Scribbit

I love Scribbit. She gives me recipes, craft ideas, and personal replies to almost all my comments on her blog. She even visits me, time to time! I wanna be Scribbit when I grow up!

That said, here's a great post of hers about making the cutest little Easter Bunnies from felt. I'm gonna be all over that. Just as soon as the energy fairy comes along.

Any day now...

Hubbers has been home sick with strep throat since last Friday. Whatever else, taking care of a sick and whiny husband is MUCH harder than dealing with sick kids. I've got the black rings under my eyes to prove it...


Rick said...

Let's get St. Pat's over and done with, and THEN we can concentrate on the bunnies.


Scribbit said...

Well thanks so much! I've been so crazy busy this week it makes my day to read this.

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