Jan 8, 2008

What? No Rabbit Ears?

Yup - we live in the dark ages and back woods. Walk uphill to school both ways in 10 feet of snow. Used to cook over campfires IN THE HOUSE and the outhouse...

Okay, not really. But I'm not into paying for TV so we do have a pair of loverly rabbit ears on the TV in our home.

Now this from a friend:

Below is a link that provides information for the upcoming conversion to digital transmission of TV signals in Feb 2009. There are links for getting $40 coupons that can be applied towards the purchase of a converter box (if necessary). Since most of you subscribe to satellite or cable TV, you won't need the boxes. However, you might have a need for one of these if you use an antenna and just pick up regular transmissions.

At any rate, click on the "TV Converter Box Coupon Program" link on the right and then go to the FAQs link that discusses what the program is about, requirements, etc.


The end of Free TV as we know it... Since the only channel we watch is PBS, it doesn't look like it will be that hard. But I will sure miss PBS!


ANawtyMouser said...

You could buy some VHS tapes and have a friend tape episodes for you... Another option is to buy a new TV after the conversion takes place... Just something to keep in mind.

T with Honey said...

Most likely all of the PBS shows will be available for download from the internet by the time your TV goes black. They may even be free instead of having to pay for them (like through iTunes).

Awesome Mom said...

We are in the same boat. We watch PBS and a lot of DVDs plus the computer viewing. I don't even miss my cable.

Maurice said...

I found an excellent site; it had all the info about the Digital Transition and requesting the $40 coupon. I ordered my 2 coupons from it. http://www.digitalconverterbox.org

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