Jan 17, 2008

Me, Too...

(click to enlarge)

Except the whole I wanted kids thing. I grew up NOT wanting any kids, thanks to my mom and her messy divorces and child abusive second husband. Thank the dear Lord above that I met a man who helped me heal. And gave me a bunch of blessings in the persons of my children.


Anonymous said...

That seems like something Honey would say to me. Oh, wait! He has said that exact same line to me.

In my case I always wanted children so it is all my fault.

AZMom said...

After Busy Boy's bedtime tantrum about cleaning up tonight, I can totally relate to that cartoon. I LOL at lunch when I read it but now I am living it! LOL

And yes, I wanted kids and hub did not. See what I get for getting my way? LOL I actually wouldn't trade them for the world but you can keep the tantrums!

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