Jan 25, 2008

Abortion Rates Down - Experts Confused?

NEW YORK - The number of abortions in the United States dropped to 1.2 million in 2005, the lowest level since 1974 and down 25 percent from the all-time high of 1.6 million in 1990, according to a report issued Thursday.

The Guttmacher Institute, which surveyed abortion providers nationwide, said there likely were several reasons for the decline, including more effective use of contraceptives, lower levels of unintended pregnancy and greater difficulty obtaining abortions in some parts of the country.

Well, could it be that an overwhelming reason is that women are realizing that abortion is MURDER of the innocent unborn? That it really is a life, not just a "thing", an embryo, a deformed "fish" living in there?

A human baby has a human face by the age of 6 weeks gestation. A baby has recordable, recognizable brain waves at 6 weeks. That is often before most women even realize that they ARE pregnant.

So I'm thanking God for the advances in ultrasound technology that allow 3D and 4D real time images. And also for places like the Endowment for Human Development with their FREE Interactive Prenatal Development Timeline.

Want to see a 6 week baby through a fetoscope? Look here:

Head, hands, trunk - it's all there and can move. It's a baby.

Newsweek has something to say about abortion, too. Here's the subtitle of the article:

Abortion rates have hit a 34-year low, but experts disagree on the reasons why.

So, I'm casting my vote. The fact that this is the Sanctity of Human Life week makes it all the more sweet.

My prayers to the Protector of the Unborn, our Holy Mother?

That this technology spreads, becomes mandatory before abortion, and saves more lives. That women and girls of all ages will think before "acting" in the sexual arena, protecting the lives of the precious unborn.

source: AP

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