Dec 11, 2007

Signs You Have a Big Family

I'm sure there are more signs, but these were a few I thought of recently:

You decimate a loaf of bread just making lunch.

Eating out for dinner (fast food only) costs nearly half my grocery budget!

You buy EVERYTHING in bulk.

The 7 passenger van is too full for friends to ride along.

I can't seem to cook for less than 6-8...

Your kids don't understand "Single Serving" items.

There are no chairs at your dinner table, only benches (can fit more on that way!).

I remember making/buying the item that child #3 (or 4) is wearing for child #2 (or 1).

A bed that's not a bunk? What's that?!


Barb, sfo said...

# 1 through 3 also describe life with a teenage boy! Sometimes I hide the bread, because he will have 4 pieces of toast as a bedtime snack. If I know I'm running low and have lunches to pack, I relocate the bread.

AZMom said...

LOL I love it. Although we buy in bulk and I only have 2 kids. Hmmm...LOL

Love ya!

Stephanie said...

You must be talking about my house! ;) said...

These are too funny! I can so relate to just about everything on the list!

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