Nov 20, 2007

Open Letter to Wal-Mart Habitues

Dear Wal-Mart frequenters:

Yes, Wal-Mart can be a very money saving place and we are all glad that there are TWO in our 50K people town. There are, however, a few things that came to my attention yesterday while purchasing 2 packs of blanket sleepers for my son, in the hope that they would keep him warmer and ultimately from coming into MY bed.

To the lady in the restroom:
Sanitizer is a good thing. I liked the cute little sling you had yours in, handily hanging from your purse. The thing is, sanitizer is meant to be used AFTER washing with soap and warm water for at least thirty seconds. This means that using it in PLACE of soap and water isn't acceptable. Also, you must wait for the sanitizer to dry on your hands for it to do the job. I was afraid to touch the door after you left.

To the lady in front of me at the checkout:
I realize you were helping someone (your mom? Sounded naggy like a mom) in a wheelchair and then doing your own checkout, but please. When your turn is over, move your butt out of my personal space. I do like to be able to see the price of things as they ring up, not have to spot a mistake after I've paid for all then have to stand in line at the dreaded hell of Customer Service.

You looking over my shoulder at the prices? Wasn't needed. After all, you could see that I bought 2 blanket sleeper packs in size 4T, a racer back camisole for myself (size XL), some frozen french fries, cottage cheese and a pack of coffee for Hubber's work coffee maker. Not that exciting.

To the people in the motor speedway:
The parking lot has lines and stop signs for a reason. It's not a speed demon, cut through the lot to the subdivision behind, ha! my spot is 2 closer than yours, free-for-all arena. Did you even KNOW that there is a SAFE speed to go in a parking lot? And those lines painted on the ground? Are there for safety? I'm so glad you got in front of me at the light by cutting off three rows of lines. It really helped you make it to the red light in time. Such a load off!

There's a limit to how much of the Wal-Mart experience I can take. I've had my fill for, say, the next year.

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Barb, sfo said...

I may not be able to enter a Wal-Mart until at least February when things calm down.

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