Sep 9, 2007

Frost Warning?

Frost Warning Tonight! (Sept. 9th)

The weather looks as if it could dip below freezing for the next few nights. This is just a friendly reminder that you may want to cover your tender plants such as tomatoes.

I got this in my email tonight from our local garden center. I can't recall getting a frost warning this early in the year EVER! We've lived here going on 11 years and it's a first for me.

Gotta go cover my tomatoes...


T with Honey said...

Tell me about it! Two weeks ago we were running around trying to find a pair of clearance sandals for Princess to wear while visiting her grandparents.

This weekend we were shopping for pants that she can wear to school because it is suddenly to cold for shorts. We were all wearing a light jacket as we left the house this morning.

AZMom said...

Send some of this cold weather to AZ!!!

Our friends in CO said they may get snow tonight! Snow in September? Wow.

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