Aug 15, 2007

My Best Work!

I think I do my best blogging at night. In bed. You know, that lucid time right before you fall asleep? Yep, that's my best time. I'm funny, witty, insightful, and all around great!

Just last night I was thinking...

Well, I don't actually remember. I need some kind of direct to brain digital download thingy a la The Matrix. Seriously, other than the jolt that looks painful when they "plug in" and the whole living in a goo-pod as a food source for machines, it looks like a good deal. THINK of the profit margin, not to mention the perks of being able to just think my next blog post into being.

So, this post is a bit of an update on my mundane life. I'm a home business entrepreneur - a sewing GODDESS, if you will... You can see my online biz at But this isn't about a plug for my work - I've actually been busy WORKING on my own behalf.

Have you ever heard of the best soy candle company in the world? Based right here in SE Idaho? It's called Simpli Nature. I've been in the workroom when they're pouring some luscious scents, and it's divine! Anyway, I'm sewing for the lovely owner of the place and it's keeping me busy and away from my blog.

You're heartbroken, I'm sure...

But I have been using this time away to think about important stuff. T with Honey awarded me the Reflective Blogger award and I'm charged with finding 5 (only 5?!) worthy bloggers to pass the award along. It seems that the people I think of have already gotten this Major Award! May be that I just end up awarding it again to some of ya'll.

So while I'm busy working, I'm also thinking. Watch this space for more blogblurts!

(See, I made that up while blogging at bedtime! What a great new word. I expect it to catch on, oh so soon...)

1 comment:

T with Honey said...

Same here!! Some of my best blog writing happens right before I go to bed or in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

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