Jul 14, 2007

Well Rounded Woman

Yes, I'm a well rounded woman in many senses of the phrase. I'm educated, can do many different and interesting things, and my body is the shape of a mothers - rounded for their comfort.

Well, a little LESS rounded now. I recently dropped a 50 lb chunk off the scale (YIPPEE!!), you know what I mean? Moved that nasty weight block back one 50 pound notch? Yeah.

Today (7-10) I found that I've dropped ANOTHER 10 lb chunk! WHOO HOO!! Since I weigh and measure only once a month (a habit I'm into from attending Curves), I can follow my progress. I'm also going to Curves while out of town - thank you, Travel Pass!!

I can see prominent CHEEKBONES, people. It's a good thing.

I figured I ought to share this triumph and every little bit makes me feel like my feet aren't so small.


tegdirb92 said...

wow, that is wonderful, congratulations. Weight loss is a very tough road!!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


JennaG said...

I think that's just wonderful. I am a huge curves fan--and have been going for a year and a half! I will think of you as my Curves sister! I have to say that I haven't weighed and measured in a very long time.

Angela said...

That is great

Scribbit said...

A big WOO HOO for you! Wish I could dodge my latest pounds.

Vader's Mom said...

Great job! I'm proud of you!!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

The pounds are just falling off! Good for you.

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