Jul 15, 2007

More Record Heat

Friday, many more cites around the region broke records for heat on July 6th. Here's a partial list:
In Idaho...

Idaho Falls 100
Pocatello 102
Boise 105
Challis 99
Stanley 92
In Utah...

Salt Lake City (airport) 103
Tooele 104
Brigham City 98
Delta 106
In Montana...

Missoula 107 (the all-time high temp for any date)
Kalispell 95
Butte 96
Philipsburg 96
Anaconda 99
Drummond 101
Libby 95
Polson 102
Seeley Lake 98
Thompson Falls 104
West Glacier 98
Superior 103
Sula 96

And HOLY MOSES! There seems to be no end in sight... Hear our prayer, Lord, for the heat to be tolerable and some rain to come our way.

1 comment:

T with Honey said...

Come visit me. We've had highs in the low to mid 80s, and it gets cool enough overnight that we haven't had to use the air conditioner.

Or just imagine dipping yourself into our pool, where we are thrilled if the water manages to warm up to 78 degrees with the solar cover on. (Did that visual help at all??)
If you're lucky I have now doomed New England to a heat wave and you'll be luxuriating in more comfortable and rainy weather soon.

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