Jul 30, 2007

SWEET Skills in Preston

Preston, Idaho that is. It's the Napoleon Dynamite festival in small homey Preston, Idaho. You could win the look-alike contest, the moon boots dance contest, the sound like contest, the bike roller blade contest, or just visit for fun.

July 27th and 28th, 2007

Yes, you missed it for this year, but it will be back. After all, the movie was SO popular here in Idaho that the state legislature commended the filmmakers!

Whenever we're in the area I ask Hubbers if he wants to detour to visit Preston, but the answer is always, strangely, No. Too bad. I'd have liked to see all the [freaks] fans visiting dressed like Napoleon.

Sweet. Girls like guys with skills.

1 comment:

fitline said...

hii .
its funny ya . but ya sure it would be the most embarrassing moment of that guy. good

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