Jul 31, 2007

Return from Alaska - Now With SOCKS!

Gramma and Grampa on the farm took a trip to Alaska a few weeks ago (Nome) and when they got home to the farm, they mailed us some unexpected souvenirs! Here's the gift for the kids:

<--OlderGirl, age 10

<--CurlyGirl, age 8

<--RooBoo, age 6
<--And TheBoy, age 3.

I got a cool hematite necklace, Hubbers got a Polar Bear Beer shirt (he asked "Where's the BEER?!), and I also got a cool pair of grizzly paws to serve salad or pasta. Pretty cool stuff - especially since we weren't expecting anything! Thank you, Gramma and Grampa!!


Amber said...

I want to EAT TheBoy he is just so cute. Or at least set him up with my daughter in a few years. :-)

Anonymous said...

gosh the kids have gotten sooo dang big!!! K has the same socks that curly girl has. LOL


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