Jul 29, 2007

Return of the Troops!

They are BACK! I missed my little passel of monkeys SO MUCH while they were gone. They stopped fighting for almost a WHOLE HOUR after we got them back. Now of course, I find myself bordering on hoarse from talking (vociferously!) so much.

Ah, the good days are here again. Now, if I could just get their bathroom finished so they don't have to use mine! They always like to touch my stuff instead of washing. I often find them wearing my hair things and fingering my necklaces and rings instead of going in and coming right out.

They look so sweet when they are asleep. I could almost forget that they are cantankerous butts when awake.

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tegdirb92 said...

HA--too funny about the bathroom thing. We have a bathroom just for the kids too but they always manage to sneak in our bathroom and they come out with hand soap from the pump in their hair!! Once my daughter took carmex and put it on her face like cold cream!!

Welcome home, kids :)

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