Jul 7, 2007

Crochet Tips for Beginners

I really love to crochet and am working on 2 different projects right now. One is ongoing - dishcloths for the kitchen. Every dishcloth in my kitchen is crocheted. This is a good use of spare time sitting at ball games, on road trips, watching movies, and so on. Also a great winter activity!

The other project is a skirt made up of granny squares in the color of the school uniform (navy) for YoungestGirl.

So if you'd like to crochet, learn or brush up, check out this article over at ThriftyFun.com: Crochet Tips for Beginners

Even the 2 oldest kids like to crochet. Now someone needs to put a basics on knitting for beginners! Sadly, I do not knit.

Here is a link to some basic crochet abbreviations. Beginners may want to print this out as a reference. Basic Crochet Abbreviations Chart

Image via Morguefile.com and xandert


Awesome Mom said...


This is a great website for knitting help. It is great to also get a friend that knows how to knit to help you too.

Stephanie said...

Both are on my to do list. Thought I'd learn last winter but it never happened. Love the new art. I'm not an artsy type, but am sucker for French impressionism.

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