Jun 12, 2007

Random Ramblings + Father's Day!

Yup, it's The Man's day this weekend. Will you celebrate the daddy in your life? The kids and I will try to dream up something Hubbers will like and throw in a cool cake for good luck.

Here's a couple of ideas:

There's some cool coloring pages over at crayola.com - just search for Father's Day in the search box. Also, instructions for Dad's Door Hanger, Bow Tie Card, Decorative (box or wall) Tie, Growing Up Hand Prints (a heart squeezer). You have to register for the Crayola site, but it's free.

Here's a cool craft that we just might do for the daddy in our life:

I found this craft (sorry, not from my twisted mind) over at VocalPoint. Yes, you have to be a member there, too, but it's a cool site that gives out free stuff on a regular basis. You can find out more (and sign up!) here.

Daddy's Goodie Can

Materials Needed:
  • Coffee can
  • Large piece of paper
  • Glue or tape
  • Miscellaneous Supplies
  1. Clean the can, ensure all rough edges are smoothed.
  2. Cut the paper to fit around the can.
  3. Decorate sized paper using pictures, sponge painting, finger painting, magazines or small decorations from the craft aisle.
  4. Glue paper on outside of can.
  5. Add goodies inside of can!
My other rambles:

I got to take ALL the kids to the OB this morning for my 8 wk visit. Saw the baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound this morning and tried to hear it, but my uterus is so retroverted (tipped backwards) that it was rather painful for her to use the "magic wand" on me to see the bean. (The tipping due to having babies and has been this way for the last 3.) But we DID see the heartbeat and I saw the spine. Four more weeks, said Dr G.

My thyroid sucks. I have some sort of thing where my body attacks the thyroid and it slowly goes downhill and I have to have more and more meds to control it. Eventually it will peter out, but it hasn't yet. I'm getting my dose adjusted AGAIN and hopefully this will keep me from losing literally HANDFULS of hair each day.

I also have a sinus infection. I get these so regularly that it's not a surprise. I loved my Neti Pot for nasal sinus cleansing but totally spaced it recently. So now I'm taking some nausea inducing meds to clear out the pain and *gross* and hopefully feeling better soon.

OldestGirl won her softball game this morning. They've been doing SO GOOD this season, having won all the games they've played by a smashing lead. 17 to 2 this time. The team has been together for about 2 years now and are much more cohesive than some of the teams they've played.

More? Nah. That's my mental spew for today.


Scribbit said...

How exciting. Hearing that heart beat makes it feel so real.

Wishing you good health . . .

tegdirb92 said...

I remember making those "goodie cans" as a kid. My dad would use it as a pencil holder :)

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