Jun 3, 2007

Little Brat - Glad He's NOT Mine

But the monks DO have a good attitude. Check this out:

Toddler Stomps Monks' Sand Creation

Who in the world let their toddler run around unsupervised in such a large place? Seriously, that's why I bought one of those leash your toddler thingies for MY boy. Yeah, nothing but the best for my kids...

The Tibetan monks do have a wonderful attitude about it, though. Saying "No Problem" after a bratty brat brat with a mother who owns no toddler leash ruins the work of 8 monks over 2 days.

I need to transport some of that peace and patience into my life.

This linky love courtesy of Rocks in My Dryer.

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tegdirb92 said...

Hi, just stopping by to say hello. Thanks for visiting me earlier today.
First, congratulations on the pregnancy!!
Second, I see your from Idaho!! We are also from there--do you know where Moscow is? We went to U of I there (my hub and I)and we miss Idaho TERRIBLY!!!

BTW--I'm adding you to my blogroll of favorites :)

Have a wonderful week!!

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