May 1, 2007

Toilet Paper Banned! says Sheryl Crow

Yes, Sheryl Crow has decided to limit the use of toilet paper for the entire world. She tells us that one square of paper is sufficient.

Unless it's a "pesky" occasion when you may wish to use two, or even *GASP* three.

Who knew that Ms Crow would propose the one thing which would save the world from itself?! Why didn't anyone else think of this? How could I not have known?!

Tell me, now, who died and made a celebutard singer think she knew enough to propose an environmental solution of such bilious proportions?

I'm not making toilet paper chains, toilet paper snowflakes, or out toilet papering the neighbors - I'm wiping butts. And it ain't gold, neither.

Personally, I use as much as it takes. And we don't use that super-thick super-hooty super expensive paper that's two or three ply. We use the 1 ply stuff I grew up with. (Plus it's got a Box Top for Education on it!)

So, Ms Crow - you use however much you want and leave my loo alone. And YOU try teaching a potty training child that only one sheet will clean it all.

God bless Scott Tissue.

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Awesome Mom said...

If she was truly serious about the environment she would give up touring in those big buses. There is also something called family cloth where essentially you use cloth wipes to clean your bum and then wash them. That to me makes more sense and would be cleaner than trying to wipe your bum with a single square of TP. She could also try corn cobs, I bet they would be nice and smooth on the bum.

Barb, sfo said...


Is this THE MOST INSANE THING you ever heard of, or what?

Frankly, I'd rather my kids used, as you put it, "as much as it takes" or I have a laundry issue of environmental proportions.

Does this chick have children? Of her own, I mean, not Lance's kids from his first marriage.

IRENE said...

You have a way of saying things! I totally agree!

scribbit said...

Funny that with all the things going on in the world she would use air time for that particular issue. If in fact it is an issue at all.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Thanks for a great laugh!

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