May 31, 2007

Things That Don't Go Together... And Some That Do

This post not for the queasy!

Early Pregnancy and Cooking:

I have such great hopes for a good week of menus, as you can see by my Menu Plan Monday this week, but do I follow through? Nah - by the time dinner comes around, I can't stand the smell of cooking or meat or much of anything, so we end up with sandwiches, easy to fix ravioli, or egg burritos for Hubbers.

I think I will have to start using the crockpot until the first trimester is over, since morning seems to be the only time I feel like cooking.

Early Pregnancy and Smelling ANYTHING!

I also can't abide the smell of anything - OldestGirls' hair, Hubbers, cat breath, the vacuum...

Early pregnancy and sick children

My RooBoo is nearly 6 and hasn't spent much time being sick and therefore hasn't learned the benefits of the "puke bucket". So when she was sick in the middle of the night on Tuesday, she made 7 piles down the hallway before I grabbed the bucket.

At 1am I was less than willing to do much cleaning, so I picked up the large bits and did some sopping up, then covered that area with a towel to take care of in the morning. Needless to say, I spent most of the next day with the carpet rake, repairing the carpet.

As Roo was trying to help, she rinsed her bucket (which was helpfully placed in her bed) down the sink, blocking it irrevocably. I told Hubbers when he came home from work that it was his joy to clear the sink since I cleaned up the piles.

Today, just when I think everyone is well, CurlyGirl and BoyBoy both have yucky tummies. CurlyGirl knows where to deposit her yucks, but BoyBoy is still very young and does the reflex projectile vomit thing. Poor baby went through three outfits and two baths today.

Please God, don't let anyone else be ill! I've got all I can handle just now without any sympathy vomiting from myself. And THANK YOU for OldestGirl who is SUCH a help - what would I do without her?

Catholic Wife and Mother is experiencing the same thing!

Some things that DO go together:

Cute Vintage Aprons and Life is Like a Lunchbox = Apronpalooza!
Nan is hosting a SERIES of apron giveaways next week and you can get in on the fun! Aprons are on the rise and making their comeback, so get yours soon. Nan can hook you up with one for free.

And Miles to Go shared an interesting Meme that I plan on doing - "Sara needs..." Google your name and see what it comes up with. More on this soon!

Mostly my post today was just whining, but I wanted to share the few links at the bottom here. Thanks if you made it all the way through!


Christine said...

Congratulations on your wonderful news! You and your baby will be in my prayers!

Awesome Mom said...

Evan threw up a LOT when I was pregnant with Harry. It was the hardest thing ever to not add to them mess. Changing poopy diapers was super hard too. Luckily the worst of the morning sickness was during the warm months so I could open the window while changing diapers. Good luck with your queasiness.

T with Honey said...

Keep the nausea and aversion stories coming! Have you ever gotten together with a group of moms, have the topic of pregnancy come up and NOT talk about which foods/smells you couldn't stand and the foods you couldn't get enough of? Those are some of the things that bring women together. Plus, I need these stories for Princess's teenage years to help convince her that abstinence is best. ;)

annie said...

I just loved being pregnant. Every time! Loved it. I'm happy for you!

Suburban Oblivion said...

I'm so excited for you, sickness and all! ;)

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