May 11, 2007

Come on, you KNOW you LOVE her!

It's Mother's Day on Sunday - do you have your appropriate love ready?

Hubbers never remembers this day, but the kids are making things at school, I already know. Here's some ideas for the kids to do for Gramma, Auntie, or you.

Dine Without Whine has a Mother's Day booklet for download. It offers cards to make, poems, crafts and recipes. FREE!

Kinder Art offers a flower craft for your little one to make - looks very cute! We all know that nothing is better than hand-made loveys from the babies.

I very much like DLTK's site for learning at my pre-schooler and kindergartener levels. Never one to disappoint, there's a wonderful section here!

Kid's Domain has some different crafts on offer - pin cushions, bath salts, and so on.

Enchanted Learning has interesting shaped cards, and coupons for your favorite mom.

It's probably not "kosher" to have my kids make crafts for me upon my demand, but they might like to make some for their grandparents. And maybe they'll sneak one in for me?

1 comment:

scribbit said...

Yea, my husband doesn't do Mother's Day either, but that's because I've always told him that he should worry about his own mom and let the kids think about theirs :)

He can save up his energy to making a great anniversary or birthday :)

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