Apr 29, 2007

Question of the Ages

Why is it...

...that whenever I walk into StuffMart or the grocery store I have to "tinkle"?

...or worse?

...and the bathroom is inevitably being cleaned at that EXACT moment?

...and I've held it past the point that it's time to burst?

...and it's a MAN cleaning the toilet?

...with no sympathy?

...that I got my ID checked for buying cooking wine tonight?

...and not for the beer I bought last week?

...that the kids leave their toys wherever they want no matter how much I teach them otherwise?

...and beat each other in the shower?

...and I still adore like love them?

...and after the whole day long and wide of being complete and total butts, they can do something that still melts my heart?

Kids. Can't live with them (sometimes), Can't sell them.

World Breastfeeding Week: August 1 - 7

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