Mar 27, 2007

The Baby's Crying! Now What?

As a new mom, I found myself asking this question a LOT. As a La Leche League Leader Applicant, it's one of the questions I may have to answer. Check out this piece from the local paper:

In case you can't read the small type and don't want to click on it, it says:

The baby is crying. Should you pick him up? Studies show that infants whose basic need are met promptly and sensitively tend to cry less overall.

So don't be afraid to comfort your baby when he or she cries. You're helping your baby develop that sense of trust, the first step in becoming an emotionally healthy child.

Source: Brain Wonders 1998 -2001

In the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding there is a quote from the late Dr. Lee Salk, who was a pediatric psychologist. He wrote,

The baby whose cries are answered now will later be the child confident enough to show his independence and curiosity.

But the baby who is left to cry it out may develop a sense of isolation and distrust, and may turn inward by turning out he world that will not answer its cry.

And later on in life, the child may continue to cope with stress by trying to shut out reality.

Pretty stark, huh? While baby schedules have their place for OLDER babies, a newborn really needs to be picked up, loved on, nurtured. As moms we get so overwhelmed with doing everything JUST RIGHT that we forget to listen to our own instincts, our little voice inside. Sometimes we need a little help, a little sleep, a friend to cry upon, and that is when you make that call for reassurance. It's much better than crying along with baby.

Trust me.

I'm a professional mom...


Kelly said...

I once was an applicant, then life got in the way and it never happened. I hate the fact that some schedule their babies. We were at a couples house one day, who used a method I won't mention here, the baby was screaming. It just tore me up! I wanted so to go comfort him! It is so worth picking up your babies!! I too am a professional mom of 6.

Rachelle said...

I agree with you. I love snuggling a new baby and will pick them up if they cry.

Iris said...

I am not a professional mom...... I am a lackey amateur at best. I subscribe to the cuddling your infant school for the first part of their life, but there also does come a time for me where I have to encourage separation, mostly for their own safety and my mental health. We did the cry it out thing once the babies got to a certain age......and were no longer breast feeding. Of course, having said 3yr old will still come and crawl into bed with me at night......I don't turn him away......but I do reward him on the nights he stays in his own bed.......

Awesome Mom said...

I totally agree. My husband was trying to tell me that I was spoiling our kids by picking them up so much (there were points in time when I was carrying them around all day). I think they are turning out quite well though.

Anonymous said...


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