Feb 25, 2007

Saturday Night Movie Review - Babel

It seems that one of the ways Hubbers and I reconnect after a long week of work and kids is to sit together on Saturday nights and watch a movie. To do this in the most frugal manner possible, many of our movies come from the local library - and they aren't all silly British comedies. But last night we found ourselves without a library movie to view. Time to trek to Hollywood Video, the closest video chain to our home.

I did a little research at my favorite movie review site, Wafflemovies.com. Willie Waffle (real name or pseudonym, I don't know) is a succinct reviewer and funny as heck when I catch him on our local radio station Friday mornings with new reviews. He also has a book out called Back Shelf Beauties: Movies You Should Rent When The New Stuff Is Gone that I aspire to own one day.

Anyway, back to the movie. I read reviews with Hubbers and he chose Babel with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Every review I read said that it was a good movie, and it was. Just a little deep thinking for a long Saturday night, and I didn't like the fact that it leaves you hanging at the end, not knowing the resolution of the plots for the characters. Overall, I'd give Babel a B rating.

So before you rent it, read a good review and decide if it's for you. While Willie isn't paying me, I like his site and would steer you there for reviews. He also reviews movies at rottentomatoes.com.

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