Feb 26, 2007

Lil Ole Zipper Neck

I had just walked in the door and de-shoed the 2 yr old and the sick 5 yr old when I got a call. My poor baby. L will be 10 on Thursday and should have outgrown this by now, but she zipped her neck into her coat at recess. Back into boots and coats, hats and scarves - it's cold, windy and SNOWY today.

This is the worst case of Zipper Neck (yes, that is a medical description) I've ever seen. Here, see what I mean:

Pretty bad, huh? Not to mention that she R-I-P-P-E-D the band aid off her neck because she didn't like the way it felt. I tried to cheer her up by telling her she could show off her war wounds and my, didn't it look like a tracheotomy scar?

While she was not impressed, the office ladies sure were! Both of them snickered, as you are doing now, as L scowled. I told her she wasn't going home because of a zipped neck and the principal came out of the office to tell me that she had some other students she wanted me to express that opinion to!!

Too funny. Yes, I even amuse myself.

So, she's soldiering through the last not quite 2 hours of school under protest but fortified by the medicinal properties of red licorice, courtesy of (Principal) Mrs Sharp.

Yes, we are the most loving parents, sending our battle scarred kids out into the world to face the dreaded Zipper Neck alone. So much so that Hubbers made up this song to sing to the child who is now nicknamed "Old Zipper Neck".

Zippity doo dah, zippity eh! I zipped my neck today!

Ahh, family... FEEL the love.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

So sorry for L! Such a sensitive area to get...um....zipped!

becca said...

I accidentally zipper-necked my baby once, we both cried a whole bunch. Thankfully, it's all healed up now. At least you didn't do it to her! I admire the "stay at school" stance. Darn tootin'!

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