Feb 10, 2007

Personal Confession of a Linux Girl Geek

I admit it. I don't use the Windows operating system. I got tired of seeing that Blue Screen of Death (BSOD):

Tell the truth - you've seen this on YOUR screen, haven't you?

So, when Hubbers said "I've used Linux for years - please try it?", I agreed. And I've NEVER NEVER NEVER looked back. Linux = NO BSOD! Want more bonus?

Open Source Software* - read Hubbers description below.
Free Programs - What's better than free? And they work better, with more versatility than Windows programs.

Plus, when I saw this funny-ness, I just had to laugh and agree:

Now, what better reason to make the switch?

*Open Source Software is best described as software which gives you the right to obtain, modify, and redistribute the software as long as you give the next person the same right. Some large corporations have tried to dilute the meaning of Open Source Software by calling their products "open". These corporations are very much intimidated by what could be referred to as the "Open Source Movement" (OSM). The most important part of "Open Source Software" is that the licenses for this software is intended to protect your rights and everyone rights who uses that software. One result of this OSM is that there are thousands of open source programs that you can obtain for free (as in free beer) and are free (as in having the right to do so) to modify and redistribute as long as you maintain those same freedoms for someone else.

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