Feb 5, 2007

My Life Monday - Pet Peeves

Rachelle has returned in TRIUMPH! And with her comes my new favorite thing to do on Mondays (which all around suck usually).
Welcome to My Life Monday!!

Today's topic: Pet Peeves. I read the other posts in this topic and agree with so many of them! I hope to not repeat everything already said, but HEY! My blog, MY pet peeves.

  1. Whiny children. For no particular reason. Because this is the normal speaking voice. And she said child can't Sssstttaaaawwwwpppp!!!!!
  2. Stupid drivers. PLEASE people! BUCKLE UP YOUR KID!
  3. Broken links on a website. Yes, I know that it's hard to keep up, but every link broken is NOT a good thing.
  4. Misspelling my name after repeatedly spelling it for this person. It's not hard nor uncommon: S-A-R-A, no H
  5. Non-English speaking people at the customer call center for student loans. I can't understand you, you can't understand me, how will we resolve this problem?
  6. Telemarketers. And falling off the Do Not Call registry after 5 years. 'Nuff said.
I think I must be a cranky person because this list seems like only the TIP of the iceberg. Guess I'd better stop before no one wants to visit my blog anymore!


Rachelle said...

Great list! I share many of them!

Char said...

I think all of those things could be on my list as well!

Mr. Mom said...

I heard a rather amusing story that a Highway Patrol officer told of a traffic stop he made on a woman who had several children in the car. It seems she was under the impression that only the children in the front needed to be buckled in. The Patrolman told her rather patronizingly..."No ma'am you only have to buckle in the ones you love."

Jane said...

I totally agree with the customer service people. I had a terrible experience with Travelocity because their service center is in India. They misunderstood me and booked the wrong flight! It was a total nightmare to fix. So actually EVERYONE at Travelocity would be on my list!

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