Feb 8, 2007

First Reconciliation This Weekend

My daughter K will be making her First Reconciliation this Saturday. She's excited but nervous, I think.

We added the Act of Contrition (1992 version) to our evening prayers, so she's ready to say it perfectly. And since her big sissy has done it already, L is sharing the details with her, (hopefully) putting her more at ease.

So if you have a moment, say a prayer for my curly haired baby big girl that is growing faster than I like. Next step is First Communion, you know.

If your own munchinkin is preparing for this Sacrament, or you just need something to do with kids, visit the Domestic Church site. There seems to be so much good information and activities there - especially for a convert like me. In specific to Reconciliation, this page is very good for my hands-on learner.


Aimee said...

We'll say a prayer for your girl -- what a big day. Older Girl just made hers in December, and she was nervous, mostly because she was afraid she would forget "how to do it" :) Everything went fine, though, and now we are looking ahead to April and First Holy Communion. Where is the time going?!?!?

Barb, sfo said...

Congratulations in advance to your daughter as she prepares for her Sacraments!! May she receive many blessings :)

Sara said...

Thanks so much. I'm very excited for her!

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