Jan 2, 2007

Bad News, Bad Precedent, Poor kids...

I love kids. Granted, I love my own more than other people's children, but that's neither here nor there and totally off topic.

I love babies. Lots. So when someone does something to intentionally hurt a child or baby, it gets my dander up. I came across this on CNN and could not BELIEVE the selfishness of this woman and whomever fathered these children:

67-year-old Spaniard gives birth to twins

• Woman sets record as oldest mother
• Babies doing well, being kept in incubators
• Mother underwent in vitro fertilization in United States

Remember that post about profanity and my resolution? Good thing this was posted BEFORE the New Year, 'cause I'm afraid I used more than was good for anyone.

Can you believe that some Dr in the United States thought it was better to make money for the IVF than to provide a safeguard for these children with a MOTHER nearly at the end of her life?! What happens if she gets sick, dies, develops Alzheimer's disease and doesn't know her own 5 yr-olds?

So, join me in a prayer for the children that she brought so selfishly into being when God has put her well beyond the natural end of child-bearing age. And for the moral compass of Drs and all people around the world who have a broken moral compass and lost whatever good sense was originally imbued.

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