Dec 22, 2006

It's Here!!

You know all that snow that closed Denver yesterday? Well, it's here in SE Idaho today. The snow started drifting down around 8 last night, soft and hazy, and pounded in overnight. I dont think it has really stopped snowing since!

While we're in a high desert climate, we're used to snow in the winter. And I'm so thankful that we will have a little snow for Christmas. Last year all we had was rain.

Unfortunately I have to drive 4 hrs away from home, sans family, to be with my mother for some surgery two days after Christmas. Thankful for snow, yes, but hoping that the roads will be clear and dry for my trip. I have to pass over a high mountain summit to get where I'm headed and snow and ice would be bad.

As to the freaky weather lately - do you think God is trying to get someone's attention?
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