Oct 6, 2012

16 Years of Married Bliss

Traditional Anniversary Gifts
Hubbers and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage in just a day or two.  I was reading a book about "traditional" gifts for XX number of years of marriage and after an internet search I found that there is no traditional gift for 16 years.  A modern gift would be  Silver Hollow-ware (what is that, anyway?) or travel.  But what about people like us who have more kids love than money?

Hubbers is an act of service love language guy.  I  try to do things for him to show that I love him.  I will try to make him a special dessert or give a good back rub, or make a favorite dinner, but it seems that I never can find the best present for purchasing.  I've stopped trying.

He likes to give me flowers but they have to be the kind that I can transplant and grow in or around our home.  This is the kind of gift that keeps on giving and I've come to really enjoy it.  I'd also like a night out without having to cook, but again, the budget comes into play.

So, what I'm giving Hubbers for our anniversary this year is no surprise.  I will continue my life-long job of bathing him in all the love he can take.  He has had my heart since before he ever knew. 
It's silver and *somewhat* hollow.
Sweetie, here's to 100 more years together.  I love you.


Vincent Castilino said...

God bless you and your family. Continue spreading the cheer and enthusiasm online and through every means possible.

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! He's a lucky guy!

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