May 19, 2010

Offended? Pope Condoms

The Catholic Church has been around so long, it's like the original butt of all bad religious jokes, excepting maybe the Jews.  Everyone has heard a joke that starts with "A priest, a rabbi, and a (fill in the blank) go out in a boat..."  Those usually aren't too bad.

People have even poked fun at the doctrines of churches: the "excessive" laws of Orthodox Jews, the rituals of services, the idea of symbol versus real presence.  Making fun of what you don't understand seems to be natural for most people.

But when the Pope tried to make our doctrine of open-ness to procreation in every sex act more understood by making the statement that  the spread of HIV and Aids in Africa should be tackled through fidelity and abstinence and not by condoms, more hecklers in a mean spirit come to the forefront.  And this in a society of extreme tolerance.  Tisk, tisk.

I'm not a Catholic scholar.  In fact, I'm a convert who is still learning about the Church, the rich history, and the 'whys' behind them all.  And maybe I'm looking at this with a skewed perception, but Pope Condoms raise my hackles.

A Dutch company is planning on giving away what they are calling Pope Condoms to make a point about STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Uh, what point?  We are not animals.  Humans have the ability and responsibility to control our urges, sexual and otherwise.  Just as we (should) control our urges against porn, over-eating, drugs, pediphelia, violence, too much make up and cell phones while driving, we must control our sexual urges.  We are not animals.

Says the Pope
 "It is of great concern that the fabric of African life, its very source of hope and stability, is threatened by divorce, abortion, prostitution, human trafficking and a contraception mentality," he added.

Agreed.  Africa has a real problem with HIV and STDs.  

Agreed.  Something must be done.  

However, education, abstinence, and virtue are the keys to stopping this plague upon men.  And just as we in America, Canada, England, Europe, are NOT ANIMALS, neither are the men and women of Africa.

I am Catholic.  I fully believe that the sex act should be reserved for the sacrament of marriage and always be open to the transmission of life.  I believe that allowing the use of contraceptives is a step on the road to hell. 

"Just one wafer thin mint" says the fat man in Monty Python before he explodes.

Just this one "lesser of two evils" says some of the clergy.

I am now braced for your hate mail.  But realize this: Who is to say that these poor people actually would use condoms? If not before, then why now?


Ranee @ Arabian Knits said...

What cracks me up is the idea that somehow people who don't listen to the Pope about fidelity, extra-marital sex, polygamy, homosexuality, pedophilia, prostitution, etc, are somehow bound to obey him when it comes to condoms. Therefore, it is ALL HIS FAULT if they don't use condoms. Right.

conradnoll said...

You want "Hate Mail'?

It is not worth the while...

Your statement "we are not animals" is enough to alert any thinking person to your ignorance.


MK said...

And having been to East Africa I can tell you that there are condoms all over the place already. Its very easy to get them. We came across a random parade where someone dressed as a purple dinosaur and threw free ones to the crowd. I'm not even kidding. I wish I were... I have pictures. You can't go very far in the cities and villages (at least in TZ) without seeing a billboard or an ad painted on a building. You can't turn on a tv without seeing a commercial for them (which are admittedly funny). No not near everyone has a tv, but a surprising number do as do a lot of businesses. And for those who don't have access, they do see the ads elsewhere like those boards and buildings. And giant dinosaurs lol. They aren't expensive and for those who can't afford them there are lots of places that just give them out. Condoms are obviously not the answer.

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